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A Painful Realization – The Obesity Epidemic in Our World


I am not often blunt on here. Listen folks, I get it. Being fit is hard. Trust me…I know. I truly know because it is harder to maintain the body I have at this age than if I was in my teens or 20s. But, we have some real issues in our country. So, let me help you out and I am going to be brutally blunt here.

OBESITY is a problem in our country (and world). Bottom line. I am not saying you have to be skinny with ripped abs and defined muscles. Hell no. But, you damn sure can look at yourself in the mirror and tell if you are obese. But, use this little tool. It is not perfect, but it gives you a general idea:

So, for example, if you are a woman and your height is 5’7”, then the following weights are a general range for you: (SF – Small frame, MF – Medium frame, LF – Large frame)

SF – 123 – 136
MF – 133 – 147
LF – 143 – 163

If you are a guy, standing 6’2”, then this is where you should be:

SF – 155 – 168
MF – 164 – 178
LF – 172 – 197

What the shit? Really…this is near impossible. No way I could do that. That is crazy. Well, it is not. And people have to face some really hard truths. Why am I writing such a hard post this time? Well, my son went to a waterpark recently and he was telling me what he saw. Lots of people out there with beer guts and just morbidly obese. Lots of them drinking beer and just eating galore. Honestly, he felt like the odd duck for being fit. And it really got me to thinking about this and I felt like I had to write this post.

Now, remember, you have every right to tell me to go to hell. You do not have to do this. Honestly, I could drop dead tomorrow and you could live to a ripe old age eating like crap and drinking beer daily. He who laughs last, laughs best. Right? But, statistically, if you are obese you will have more problems. Your joints will fail you sooner. Your heart is working far harder than mine does. My resting heart rate is like 50 beats per minute. What does that mean literally? My heart pumps more efficiently and uses less beats to feed the blood to my body. The less it pumps, the longer it lasts. Think about it like a car engine. How long will your engine last if you redline that frackin thing every day? Hmmm?

So, how you live your life is your choice and I respect it. You have every right to do things your way. But do not for one second think that you are doing yourself a favor. Diabetes. Obesity. Heart Issues. Breathing issues. Joint issues. Anyone have any of these? Hmm. You do not have to tell me. I do not need your medical history unless you use my consulting business. You know what your issues are.

But I exercise. I do this. I do that. Who gives a rat’s ass? Exercise has become an excuse for a shitty lifestyle. Listen, I hate to use my Facebook friends as a justification, but I see people on my FB that exercise. Then I see pictures of the monster drinks and crappy food they eat. Hey Rod, I burned 2500 calories today jackass….and hey FB friend, you just ingested 3000 calories of crap. Ever wonder why your waist size does not go down? FU man…I earned this. I deserve this. Sure. Sure….you earned it and you deserve it. Have fun man. Or girl. I am sure you will do just fine at your next checkup. I am sure your health is just peachy keen.

Time to be Real

We are an obese society. Obese is just a nice way of saying fat. Now, I really do not have an issue with obese people. I do not look at you and say ewww. I do not look at you and feel a swell of pity. Nope. I just ask myself what prevents you from getting to where you need to be. Is it psychological? Did you just hit a certain point and give up? Did it become easier to just say I am large and in charge? Is it that hard to change your lifestyle? Do you want to grow old comfortably? Do you want to enjoy your grandchildren? Or do you want to lay on a table as they prepare to crack your chest open for a quadruple bypass?

See, someone said diet is a bad word. It really is. I have been saying this for a long time. Diet implies something temporary. Lifestyle change means you make it your new way of being. Your life. But I hear so many people say that it is hard to do. But Rod, you can afford fancy foods that are all healthy and organic. But Rod, you can afford to go to the gym and do all this fancy stuff. I do not have time. I do not have this or that. Stop rubbing it in my face. Or worse yet, those that exercise and see no real change in their body composition. What does that realistically tell me? It is your DIET. Not you are on a diet, but how you eat.

Let me tell you what you SHOULD NOT DO, SHOULD NOT EAT:

  • Drink
  • Smoke
  • Eat bread
  • Eat tortillas
  • Drink soda
  • Drink sugared up juices
  • Eat pasta
  • Eat most cereals
  • Use syrup
  • Eat candy
  • Stuff your face full of chips
  • Have cake
  • Eat dessert
  • Eat dairy

Any of this sound familiar? Come on now, it is not expensive to eat better. Brown rice is not too pricey. I make it almost daily. Beans? Once again, not too pricey. Veggies? Hmm…even frozen veggies are good. Now, meat…yes, it can be pricey. Buy it in bulk. Cook it in bulk. Season it with a little seasoning salt. That is it. No, do not smother it in cheese. No, do not cover it with pasta. Eat healthy. This is YOUR DAMN LIFE you are gambling with. WTF! Seriously. As you sit there getting ready to have that beer or drink that margarita or have that junk food, ask yourself if this is what you really want to keep doing to your body? Now if so, sweet. Go for it. But do not be surprised when your body starts to fail you. Be prepared for all the statins you will have to take. The insulin. The medicine. The issues that come with your choices.

This is reality. And you need to face it. Now, exercise. People will tell me that they do not have enough time to exercise like I do. It is a luxury I have. Perhaps. But seriously, you do not need to be bench pressing 300 pounds. You do not need to be working out 5 days a week. What you need to do is look at what you do now and then change it. Not much. Just a bit. If you do not walk at all. Take a damn walk. If you walk a little, then walk a little more. If you jog a little, add a half mile. If you lift weights a little, then add ten more minutes. Or, take less time between sets so you do a bit more. But if you exercise and see no real change, then it is your lifestyle (or really, how you eat). And that change is something only you can control.

I am going to be really honest here. Brutally honest. We live in a world where beautiful people get things handed to them. The next step down on the ladder is normal looking people who are really fit because people like to see the fitness. Then, you have people who are not fit but are charismatic as hell. They are funny. Laughable. Lovable. Or Smart. Think Chris Farley. Everyone loved him. Then, there are the rest. Grinding it out day after day. Now, I do not much care for the admiration I get because of how my body looks. But it is there. So I have the luxury of just blowing it off. But if you are on the wrong end of that spectrum, you limit your chances in life. Is that bullshit? Hell yes. People should not be judged by their looks or body type. Does it happen everyday? Hell Yes. EVERY DAMN DAY. That is just the reality of this world. So, we want bad habits. Cool. But, our children and our grandchildren will also inherit those habits. And it is not fair to them to be stuck with the bad choices we make….even if we rationalize that they are good for us.

In the case of my son, he has adopted fitness as his mantra. Healthy eating. No drinking. No drugs. The idea of obesity bothers him. He wants to be able to run, ride, jump, shoot, and breathe. He wants a life free of diseases associated with obesity. He wants to be the captain of his fate. I have passed those lessons on to him. He benefits from them. Ask yourself, what lessons will you pass to your children? No, you cannot just put them into a sport. You cannot have them do martial arts. You cannot count on their genetics. You will have to teach them the lessons you want them to learn. You will have to lead by example….not just by your word.

So, there it is. Hard to read. I try not to talk to people like I am above them. I am not. Truly…I am not above anyone. I respect your individual choices. But, make no mistake, just because it is your choice does not make it right. And my choice to be healthy may not be right either. But, I will roll the dice and say that me being the way I am will be far more beneficial in the long run than if I just said screw it.

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One thought on “A Painful Realization – The Obesity Epidemic in Our World

  1. It’s funny that you have expressed something that has been on my mind recently too! On Father’s Day (in the UK) I took my two sons to an outside swimming pool and the levels of obesity where pretty bad, but the real shock came when I looked at the children!

    Some children as young as three (and this was not baby fat) and I personally found this to be very irresponsible. I don’t speak on this issue in judgement either as in
    my 30’s I was once 280 lbs, and have managed to get down to 182 lbs.

    These post is refreshing because there are many people who make excuses (I used to be one of them) for the fact that we are surrounded by too much food, and people eating excesses amounts of the wrong things. I wrote about the issue (not a plug, only read if you want to)

    But this was indeed a great post, so well written I wish I had written it myself! Great job!


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