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The Baby Whisperer

As a followup to my earlier post, I wanted to include a picture of what I am dubbing baby whispering.


As you can see here, Luke is incredibly calm with his big brother. This is because Josh is an incredibly chill dude. He is so laid back. Unlike me, he can find contentment in just sitting there. Me, I have to be constantly moving. Constantly doing something. My brain races too much and I get restless if I am not solving a problem or creating something new. It is a curse for me because I miss out on the quiet waking moments.

Yet, Josh realizes that his laid back attitude is a curse for him when it comes to work and advancing in an organization. It is my hunger and drive that propels me forward and makes me rise above my counterparts. Yet, I lose something in the fire. Josh realizes that he needs more of that, but he does not feel that sense of urgency. When Josh was his brothers age, I feel like I was more like he is now – calm and chill. But as that damned scary concept of retirement looms, I find myself pushing harder and harder to ensure that I have the money and capacity to care for Josh and Luke. This is the challenge that we all face as parents in our 40s. At least, that is what I think. I am very lucky to have such a calm son and find myself saying this aloud:

“the teacher becomes the student, and the student becomes the teacher”.

Life man….what an amazing journey.


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