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Sleep -Saying Goodbye to a Dear Friend

Sleep is critical at any age. If you do a little research, you will see that the more you sleep, the better. Many professional athletes insist on sleeping at least 12 hours. Sleep is when our body repairs itself. So, I look back on my 20s and 30s and cringe when I think about all those days that I only slept 4 hours or less. Don’t get me started on my lack of sleep during my Navy days.

At 42 now, I cherish sleep and what it does for me. It is a valuable tool in my anti-aging arsenal and one of the things that keeps me sane and, I like to think, young. So, having a new baby really just wrecks the hell of out that. And listen, we men are pretty lucky because babies generally want their mothers. Although, you dads out there that for some reason are raising your babies on your own….my hats off to you and you know even better than I do how hard it is to function without sleep. But, I digress, we men are generally pretty lucky because we get more sleep than mom.

Sadly, the last couple of nights have been really hard on me. My son has been really, really, really fussy. There is nothing like laying your head on a pillow to fall into a deep slumber because you are tired as hell only to be gently and sweetly woken from your much needed slumber by the piercing wails of a baby. So, I found myself online last night looking for sleep solutions for my son. All this brings me to my actual review:

Instant Baby Sleep – you will find this product online. I guess it is not so much a review as a word of caution. All the online reviews for this thing are marketing tools. Each one. So, I like to think – SCAM. But, when you read them, it clearly says not scam. Which, screams to me SCAM. There is a shaky video or two on YouTube, which says to me SCAM…since it is only a minute or two long. At $29.97, I would not recommend you spend the money on something with no guarantee. More importantly, it offers no refunds. The company is headquartered in South Africa. Hey, South Africa is a great country I am sure, but why don’t I just light a $10 and $20 dollar bill on fire and call it good. You have been warned!

8 Minute Sleep – so, this one I actually tried. Here is the beauty of this, it is actually free online. These cats are cool enough to post it on YouTube, all ten hours of it! Try before you buy. Now, that is a company I can have a little faith in. You may be asking why spend the $5 to $8 bucks on it if it is free online. Well, I was lucky enough to be connected to wi-fi at home and able to stream via my YouTube app. The purchase is if you want to buy the audio file separately. This allows you to put it on your phone.

Since I used the audio file, I will say this, my son was crying inconsolably (yes, that sounds dramatic, but it is true). I fired up YouTube and used their Baby Sleep Miracle – Pink Noise option. It sounds like static and I really wish I had not just watched Poltergeist a couple of days back, but after about 3 minutes my son just stopped crying. It got to the point where the wife sat up worried that something happened to him. He was in a deep sleep. We left it on for the entire night. About 4 hours later he woke up because he was hungry and needed a diaper change. But, 4 hours of sleep!!!

Now, can I say with any certainty that it will work every time. Nope. Will it keep a baby that is in pain or suffering from colic asleep? Not sure. But did it work for us last night for a while. Hell yes! So, that is enough for me. 8 minute sleep earns my $8 and my gratitude.

I stress this to you all, I am not some corporate shill trying to take your hard earned money. Real dad here writing a real review of something that worked for me. Besides, it is free on YouTube, so you do not even need to buy it.

Good luck out there…I hope that you all have great success with getting sleep.



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